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Energy Source for LEDs: How to Pick the Right Power Supply?

GL LED 07/01/2022

Function The right LED power supplies (LED drivers) ensure that the LEDs function and perform at their best. The correct power also...

See and Feel Things in a Different Light?Find the Right Color Temperature?

GL LED 06/01/2022

Since the invention of the first light bulb by Edison in 1879, we have been enjoying the warm and cozy in every dark night rendered...

Besides Lumens, CRI Matters! What is and How to Choose the Right CRI?

GL LED 05/01/2022

Have you ever not differentiate the black from the navy colored sweaters in your closet? Not all lights are created equal: some light...

How Much Amount of Light and What Level of Brightness Do You Need?

GL LED 04/01/2022

A proper level of lighting plays a critical role in enabling us to accomplish tasks more efficiently and safely in our workplaces and in...

What does LED stand for? The Complete Guide to LED Lighting for Absolute Beginners.

GL LED 03/01/2022

What exactly is an LED and how does it work? An LED is a two-lead light source that uses an electronic light-emitting semiconductor...