GL LED Linear Lights

GL LED Linear Lights


What is LED linear lighting?

Unlike traditional round bulbs, LED linear lights use many LED chips assembled in an extended narrow strip to form a linear shape of light, and have gained an increasing popularity in lighting applications since their first appearance in industrial spaces around 1950. 

Where to buy LED linear lighting?

GL LED provides different models of linear lights that are not only stylish and easy to install, but also produce a variety of fashionable effects through creative design and free division of space, highlighting the ultimate beauty of linear lights.

  1. Single run vs. Continuous run

GL LED single run LED linear lights come as a single luminaire with a sleek and independent design, and they can easily fit into open spaces with 4ft and 8ft length options. Models L8050 and L11070 are single run linear lights. They are ideal for simple and neat applications such as offices, schools, grocery stores, meeting rooms, or libraries etc.

Two 8ft long GL LED linear lights are suspended from ceiling of a conference room

GL LED continuous run LED linear lights bring modern impressions to your space, and can be easily connected to each other to form aesthetic designs. In addition to regular 4ft and 8ft options, various connecting shapes (X-shape, T-shape, and L-shape etc.) are available to empower architectural imaginations. Models L8456 and L8070 are continuous run linear lights. They are ideal for stylish applications such as hotels, coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants, or malls etc.

GL LED 8070 series L-shape and straight modules form a double square lights suspended in a meeting room.
GL LED 8070 series 120 degree L-shape and straight modules form a hexagonal-shaped light suspended in a dinning room.


  1. Down light vs. Up & Down light

GL LED linear lights L8050, L11070 and L8070 can produce direct and even down light to illuminate space below, making a focused and welcoming effect. 

GL LED linear lights L8456 and L8070 produce both indirect and direct illuminations for surrounding space, creating a more open and ambient feel. The fixtures allocate 30% of their wattage/lumens up and 70% of the wattage/lumens down.

GL LED linear lights show effects of both down lighting and up and down lighting

  1. Installation methods

 GL LED linear lights are versatile and can be installed via different methods to fit many applications. 

  • Suspended - in a room with a generous ceiling height, all GL LED linear lights can be suspended with compatible suspension kits to create stunning accent lighting.
  • Surface-mounted - when a ceiling height is limited, GL LED linear lights L8050, L8456, and L8070 can be mounted to the ceiling to illuminate the space with a compatible surface mount kit.
  • Wall-mounted - GL LED linear lights L11070 and L8070 can be wall mounted to generate a wall washing effect.
  • Recessed - GL LED linear lights L8070 can be recessed into the ceiling to offer clean and uninterrupted lines of illumination with a compatible recessed kit.


  1. Key features of GL LED linear lights
  • Connect to line voltage directly
  • 0-10V dimming
  • Changeable color temperatures 
  • Options of down lighting or up and down lighting
  • Easy connections and flexible combinations to form stylish lighting appearances
  • Flexible installations
  • UL/FCC/ETL listed
  • Limited 5 years warranty

A quick guideline for GL LED linear lights

Have more questions on LED linear lights?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about LED linear lights. Please visit our website and check out our catalog for more information. GL LED strives to provide the best LED lighting products to our customers.

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