Energy Source for LEDs: How to Pick the Right Power Supply



The right LED power supplies (LED drivers) ensure that the LEDs function and perform at their best. The correct power also enhances LEDs’ durability and longevity.


Calculate how many watts a LED consumes.

Power consumption = Wattage/ft * ft.

Recommend power supply = power consumption * 1.2.

For example, you have 10 feet of LED strip lights that 3W/ft. The power consumption of the strip lights is 36W (3W/ft * 12 feet). A recommended power supply is 43.2W (36W * 1.2). If there is no power supply with the exact 43.2W, the one with higher wattages is the best alternative.


An output voltage of a power supply ?= Operation voltage of LEDs

An input voltage of a power supply ?=  AC of the installed location of LEDs

It is very important to confirm the above two factors before you buy any power supplies.


If there is no specs mention dimming of LEDs, it is assumed the product is not dimmable. Otherwise, you should choose a dimmable power supply to adjust the LEDs brightness.

IP Ratings

It is also critical to consider the installed location of a power supply.

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