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Low Voltage LED Strip Light Soldering Service     Assembling in USA

GL LED provides customized soldering servie to our customers! Please provide the following information using the submission form below, and we will contact you to verify details and get the job done for you!

1. Length of each LED strip light - We will cut your LED strip lights to the required lengths for you. Please note that different LED strip lights have different cut increments and maximum run lengths. Please refer to products specifications for those information, and set each light length based on the cut increments and maximum run lengths limitations.

2. Type of lead wire - One side of the lead wire will be soldered to the LED strip light, and the other side can either a hardwire, a DC connector (male/female), or a Dupont connector (male/female) to connect to power supplies or other lights. Please indicate which type of lead wire is needed.

lead wire type

3. Color of lead wire - Please indicate your LED strip light type (single color or RGB) and what color is needed for lead wires.

    a) Hardwire

    For single color light, lead wire color options include Black & Red, White, and Clear.

Lead wire color options

    For RGB light, lead wire color options include 4-Color (RGBW), and Clear.

Lead wire color options for RGB light


    b) DC connector - Black, or White

    c) Dupont connector - White

4. Length of lead wire - The default lead wire length is 4ft. Please indicate if a different length is needed.

Thank you! Your request has been received, we will contact you very soon!