LED Strip Light - Single Color - White - COB - Dry Location IP20 - 24V

SKU: GL-COB-480-2700K-24V-IP20

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A COB LED (Chip-on-Board Light Emitting Diode) light is a type of LED that is made by mounting multiple LED chips directly onto a circuit board. Instead of having individual LEDs spaced apart on a circuit board, a COB LED packs numerous LED chips together in a tight array, resulting in a more even and spotless lighting effect.

The COB LED strip light features a slim and cuttable design that brings lighting aesthetics and allows for an easy installation. Different color temperatures are available, including 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. The seamless LED tape light can be easily cut into 1 31/32 inches segments and installed with its convenient peel-and-stick 3M VHB adhesive backing (Click to see How to apply 3M double-sided tape properly). Run the strip back to power every 16.4ft to avoid excessive voltage drop. A totally smooth and seamless line of light will not show visible dots or hot spots. It’s great for reflective surfaces such as granite countertops and tile floors, and perfect for back lighting, ambient lighting, accent décor, cabinets, under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, showcase lighting, or other indoor applications.

· New tech LED strip light
· Seamless LED provides even light output without any hotspots
· Gold Solder Pads: Ensuring stable color temperature, more resilient and solid solder joints, and better heat dissipation.
· Reinforced PCB with Steel Belt: Improves structural stability and prevents bending damages.
· Larger Chip Design: Indicates a longer lifespan.
· Wider Silicone Coverage: Offers better protection for chips.
· Superior Performance: With non-failing light designs.


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LED Low Voltage Light System

Compatible Connectors:

Strip to Strip Connector Strip to Strip Corner Connector Strip to Power Connector Strip to Strip Jumper

Transformer Recommendation for LED Strip Light - Single Color - COB (4.4W/ft)

For Indoor Use: (use 80% capacity)
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-1 0-6 0-6 0-10 0-10 0-17
Transformer APV-8W-24V APV-35W-24V YHY-36W-24V YHY-60W-24V LPV-60W-24V TPZ-96W-24V
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-18 0-27 0-36 0-58 0-109 **
Transformer XLG-100W-24V XLG-150W-24V XLG-200W-24V HLG-320W-24V HLG-600W-24V **
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-4 0-27 0-36 ** ** **
Dimmable Transformer P-25W-24V P-150W-24V P-200W-24V ** ** **
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-5 0-10 0-17 0-27 0-36 0-54
Dimmable Transformer F-30W-24V G-60W-24V G-96W-24V F-150W-24V F-200W-24V G-300W-24V
For Outdoor Use: (use 50% capacity)
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-6 0-11 0-17 0-22 0-36 0-68
Transformer LPV-60W-24V XLG-100W-24V XLG-150W-24V XLG-200W-24V HLG-320W-24V HLG-600W-24V
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-17 0-22 ** ** ** **
Dimmable Transformer P-150W-24V P-200W-24V ** ** ** **
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-3 0-6 0-10 0-17 0-22 0-34
Dimmable Transformer F-30W-24V G-60W-24V G-96W-24V F-150W-24V F-200W-24V G-300W-24V

More LED Strip Lights:

LED Color
up to 348 lm/ft
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LED Density
36 LEDs/ft
73 LEDs/ft
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36 LEDs/ft
Power Consumption
3 W/ft
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7 W/ft
3 W/ft
up to 116 lm/W
up to 130 lm/W
up to 121 lm/W
up to 78 lm/W
IP Rating
Dry Location
Dry Location
Dry Location
Dry Location
12V/24V DC
24V DC
24V DC
24V DC
No Voltage Drop

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What is the difference between COB and SMD LED lights?

COB (Chip-on-Board) and SMD (Surface Mount Device) are two different types of LED lights that differ in how the LED chips are packaged and mounted.

COB LEDs, as mentioned earlier, have multiple LED chips mounted directly onto a circuit board, resulting in a high level of brightness and a wide beam angle. Because the LEDs are packed so tightly, COB LEDs can produce a lot of light in a small space, making them ideal for applications that require high levels of brightness, such as floodlights and spotlights.

SMD LEDs, on the other hand, have individual LED chips mounted on a surface, typically a printed circuit board. They are generally smaller than COB LEDs and are widely used in small, compact devices like smartphones and televisions. SMD LEDs are also more energy-efficient than COB LEDs, allowing them to produce more light per watt of energy consumed.

The main difference between COB and SMD LED lights lies in their packaging and mounting methods, resulting in differences in brightness, beam angle, and energy efficiency. Both types of LED lights have their unique advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of which one to use will depend on the specific application requirements.


Instruction Video: How to Prevent Voltage Drop

Instruction Video: How to Cut & Solder Your Low Voltage LED Strip Light

  • Model No: Single Color - White - COB - Dry Location IP20 - 24V, SKU: GL-COB-480-xxxxK-24V-IP20
  • Operation Voltage: 24VDC
  • Wattage per ft: 4.4W/ft
  • LED per ft: 145 LEDs/ft
  • Brightness/Lumen per ft: GL-COB-480-2700K-24V-IP20, 2700K, 379 LM/ft,  
                                            GL-COB-480-3000K-24V-IP20, 3000K, 388 LM/ft, 
                                            GL-COB-480-4000K-24V-IP20, 4000K, 416 LM/ft, 
                                            GL-COB-480-6500K-24V-IP20, 6500K, 411 LM/ft. 
  • Dimension: L 16.4', W 0.39", D 0.07"
  • Dimming Method: PWM, Forward phase, Triac, 0-10V, MLV, ELV
  • Work Environment/IP Rating: IP20 (Non-waterproof)
  • Long Lifetime: 50,000hrs
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): >90
  • Color Temperature options (CCT): 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Cuttable Increments: 1.97"
  • One Run Max (No Voltage Drop): 16.4'
  • Certification: UL
  • Warranty: Limited 5 years warranty
  • 3M tape on the back

LED Strip Light Specification - COB
COB-480-2700K-24V-IP20 IES File
COB-480-3000K-24V-IP20 IES File
COB-480-4000K-24V-IP20 IES File
COB-480-6500K-24V-IP20 IES File
Low Voltage LED Strip Light Installation Manual