LED Strip Light - Color Changing - RGB - Super Bright - Wet/Damp Location IP65 - 24V

SKU: GL-3535-120-RGB-24V-IP65

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Transform Your Space with Super Bright RGB LED Strip Light: A Colorful, Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution

Illuminate your home or office with our RGB Super Bright LED Strip Light. Perfect for a variety of indoor applications, this flexible, slim, and cuttable LED light strip provides vibrant, multi-color lighting that can transform any space. Ideal for under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, or as a decorative accent, this product offers both functionality and style.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant RGB Lighting: Experience high brightness and a range of color-changing options with RGB (Red, Green, Blue) capabilities, perfect for parties, entertainment, or mood lighting.
  • Energy Efficient: With low power consumption (7W/ft) and high light efficiency (up to 32lm/W), enjoy bright lighting without worrying about high electricity costs.
  • Long Lifespan: Designed to last, this LED strip offers a long service life of 50,000 hours, backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with 3M VHB adhesive backing (Click to see How to apply 3M double-sided tape properly), installation is simple and hassle-free, allowing for a seamless setup in any indoor area.
  • Customizable Length: With a cut point every 1-31/32 inches, you can tailor the strip to fit your space perfectly.
  • Safe and Reliable: UL listed and featuring an IP65 rating for wet locations, ensuring safety and durability.

To ensure optimal performance, remember to provide power to the strip lights every 16.4 feet to prevent excessive voltage drop. High density and superior brightness with color changing output makes it great for party, entertainment, and decorations.

All IP65-rated products for wet locations only, cannot be used in water or in places where water might accumulate.

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LED Low Voltage Light System

Compatible Connectors:

Strip Light Joiner Strip Light L Connector Strip Light T Connector Strip to Power Connector Strip to Strip Interconnect Cable

Transformer Recommendation for LED RGB Super Bright Strip Light (7W/ft)

For Indoor Use: (use 80% capacity)
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-0 0-4 0-4 0-6 0-6 0-10
Transformer APV-8W-24V APV-35W-24V YHY-36W-24V YHY-60W-24V LPV-60W-24V TPZ-96W-24V
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-11 0-17 0-22 0-36 0-68 **
Transformer XLG-100W-24V XLG-150W-24V XLG-200W-24V HLG-320W-24V HLG-600W-24V **
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-5 0-22 ** ** ** **
Dimmable Transformer P-50W-24V P-200W-24V ** ** ** **
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-6 0-10 0-17 0-22 0-34 0-11
Dimmable Transformer G-60W-24V G-96W-24V G-150W-24V G-200W-24V G-300W-24V X-100W-24V
For Outdoor Use: (use 50% capacity)
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-4 0-7 0-10 0-14 0-22 0-42
Transformer LPV-60W-24V XLG-100W-24V XLG-150W-24V XLG-200W-24V HLG-320W-24V HLG-600W-24V
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-22 ** ** ** ** **
Dimmable Transformer P-200W-24V ** ** ** ** **
Length of Strip Light(ft) 0-4 0-6 0-10 0-14 0-21 0-11
Dimmable Transformer G-60W-24V G-96W-24V G-150W-24V G-200W-24V G-300W-24V X-100W-24V

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LED Color
144 lm/ft (White)
221 lm/ft (White)
144 lm/ft (White)
LED Density
18 LEDs/ft
36 LEDs/ft
18 LEDs/ft
Power Consumption
4.4 W/ft
7 W/ft
4.4 W/ft
IP Rating
Wet Location
Wet Location
Wet Location
12V/24V DC
24V DC
12V DC
No Voltage Drop

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  • Model No: Color Changing - RGB - Super Bright - Wet/Damp Location IP65 - 24V, SKU: GL-3535-120-RGB-24V-IP65
  • Operation Voltage: 24VDC
  • Wattage per ft: 7W/ft
  • LED per ft: 36 LEDs/ft
  • Brightness/Lumen per ft: 221LM/ft
  • Dimension: L 16.4', W 0.39", D 0.09"
  • Control Method: RGB control
  • Work Environment/IP Rating: IP65 (Wet location)
  • Long Lifetime: 50,000hrs
  • Color: RGB
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Cuttable Increments: 1.97"
  • One Run Max (No Voltage Drop): 16.4'
  • Certification: UL
  • Warranty: Indoor 5yrs, Outdoor 3yrs
  • 3M tape on the back

LED Strip Light Specification - RGB SUPER BRIGHT (3535-120) IP65
3535-120-RGB-24V-IP65 IES File