120V Dimmable LED Strip Light PRO-S 4000K 71-80ft

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With updated technology, this product is built to directly connect to a 120V high voltage power source, and no additional transformers/drivers are needed anymore.

The high voltage strip light has a waterproof design (IP65) and can be cut every 4 in. without compromising illumination. Compatible channels and clips (sold separately) make for an easy and cost-effective installation of the strip light. The high voltage strip light is ideal for many interior and exterior applications (such as cove lighting and back lighting etc.) that need an extended lighting distance, flexible installation, or high weather resistance.

All 120V Dimmable LED strip lights are to be made at our shop to customized lengths following project requirements from customers to ensure the best performance of the lights. Once an order for making the lights has been completed, no cancellations, returns, or exchanges will be accepted except for manufacturer defects or damages.

Each piece of the product may or may not contain one straight connector.
All IP65-rated products are for wet locations only, and they cannot be used in water or in places where water might accumulate.

Compatible Aluminum Channel:

A 2525 ES 3535 ES 5035 ES 7535

120V LED Light Recommendation:

120V Strip Light PRO-S

Color Rendering
Min Section
One Run Maximum
ELV dimming
ELV dimming
CCT & Lumen/ft
Installation Type
Surface mount clip
Surface mount channel
Surface mount clip
Surface mount channel

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Do I need a high voltage or a low voltage LED strip light?

High voltage LED strip lights operate within the range of 110-220V AC, which is the standard voltage used in most homes and buildings. These lights do not require an additional driver and can be directly plugged into a line outlet for illumination. This streamlined setup helps reduce both material costs and labor for installation. High voltage LED strip lights maintain their brightness consistently over long runs without experiencing voltage drop issues. They are typically compatible with ELV dimmers and are well-suited for indirect lighting applications. Additionally, they are suitable for large-scale, long-distance projects, both indoors and outdoors.

On the other hand, low voltage LED strip lights operate at 12V or 24V DC and necessitate a separate transformer or power supply to function. This voltage category offers a wider range of models and compatible components, making low voltage strip lights the preferred choice when flexibility is a key consideration. They can be used with various types of dimmers and are suitable for both direct and indirect lighting in indoor and outdoor settings.

Therefore, choosing between high voltage and low voltage LED strip lights depends on various factors such as the scope and type of your project, and the degree of customization and control needed, etc. 

Please read here for more details about the differences between high voltage and low voltage strip lights.

  • Operation voltage: 120V AC
  • Wattage per feet: 4.5W
  • LED number: 24/ft
  • Dimension: W 0.60", H 0.26"
  • One Run Maximum: 100'
  • Viewing angle: 120°
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • FPC Width: 0.61"
  • Min Section: 4"
  • Dimmable: Yes (ELV Dimming)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): >90
  • CCT & Lumen/ft: 2700K-380LM, 3000K-400LM, 4000K-440LM
  • Light Efficacy: 2700K-84LM/W, 3000K-88LM/W, 4000K/98LM/W
  • IP Rate: IP65 (Wet location)
  • ETL, FCC certified
  • Warranty: Indoor 5yrs, Outdoor 3yrs

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