WALL WASHER - GL 085 Aluminum Channel + Milky Diffuser - 94"

SKU: GL-085-AL-8-M

GL-085 is a recessed extrusion made of anodized extruded aluminum with a milky diffuser, and is designed to produce a downward homogeneous wall washing effect by integrating an LED strip light into a wall. Each piece is 94” long and has a silver color finish, and the channels can be cut to any length and easily connected to each other using straight extension connectors, L-shaped flat corner connectors, or L-shaped vertical corner connectors (sold separately).

The GL-085 aluminum extrusion has an internal width of 0.56", compatible to hose one line of 10mm LED strip lights. Together with an LED light source inside, the aluminum extrusion can be well recessed to drywall walls to present a neat and stylish wall washing effect.

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Note: LED strip light is NOT included

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