LED Linear Light - L8070 Accessories - Bluetooth & Microwave Motion Sensor

SKU: L8070-MS-A

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This motion sensor is compatible with L8070 LED linear lights 4ft and 8ft for indoor applications. On top of the efficiency of LED lights, it provides an additional opportunity to save more on electricity bills. 

Compatible product:

LED Linear Light Up and Down Continuous Run L8070


How does a motion sensor for light work?

A light motion sensor, also known as a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, detects movement by sensing changes in infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by warm objects, such as people and animals. The sensor has a lens that focuses the infrared radiation onto a detector, which converts the radiation into an electrical signal. When the sensor detects a change in the infrared radiation, it sends a signal to activate a device, such as a light or alarm. The sensor is typically set to a specific range and sensitivity level, so it only activates when it detects movement within that range.