LED Linear Light - L8070 Accessories - Emergency Backup 8W

SKU: L8070-EM

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This 8W internal emergency LED driver provides backup power for L8070 LED linear lights 4ft and 8ft during a power outage. It can be easily installed inside of the linear lights.

Compatible product:

LED Linear Light Up and Down Continuous Run L8070

L8070 Emergency Driver Connection Diagram


What is an LED emergency driver?

An LED emergency driver is a device that powers and controls an LED light during a power outage. It is typically used in emergency lighting systems, such as exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures. The emergency driver is connected to the LED light and is designed to automatically switch the light to emergency mode when the power goes out. It uses a rechargeable battery as a power source to keep the LED light on for a certain amount of time during an emergency, and ensures that the LED light continues to function and provide safe egress for building occupants and emergency responders.