Undercabinet Light 4000K-Shallow Recess Mount 06-28inches

SKU: GL-UCL-ECO-4000K-ES2309-M-RF-6

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A little extra lighting under cabinet lighting can easily update your modern kitchen, whether surface mounted or recessed. Under-cabinet lighting is designed to provide direct and reflected lighting solutions for your space.

Customize Your Setup:

1. Choose the color: Light color has a great impact on the environment, warm light makes people more relaxed, we provide 2700K/3000K/4000K options. 2700K is the warmest light. And we have the color change option as well.

2. Select the brightness:
Standard brightness: 176-257LM/ft (3W/ft)
High brightness: 274-394LM/ft (4.4W/ft)

3. Select the size:
*Please pay attention to the bottom of the cabinet. If the bottom of the cabinet is flat, you can use a whole piece light fixture. If the bottom of the cabinet has edges in the middle, you will need to use several short light fixtures.

4. Choose the lead wire location: Rear feed lead wire, Bottom feed lead wire

The undercabinet light fixture default comes with 4ft black & red lead wire and 2pcs mounting clips.

Except for the above selections, you may still need to think about:
  • How many light fixtures do you need for one cabinet?
  • Do the light fixtures need to be connected one by one? Or do the light fixtures connect to the transformer directly?
         Instructions for connecting and installing extended undercabinet light fixtures
  • What kind of lead do you need? Hard Wire, DC Connector, Dupont Connector
  • How do you want to have the light fixtures installed? Mounting Clips, 3M Double side tape
  • Does the light need to be dimmable? (Please contact us if you have any questions about selecting compatible transformers and dimmers)
  • When the required length is longer than 94inches, it can be achieved seamless using connectors.
  • Please contact us if any specific requirement is needed, and we will help to provide the best solutions for you.

    Undercabinet lights are made specifically, and once the order is completed, no cancellation, return or exchange is accepted except the manufacturer defect or damage.

    Type of light fixture Surface Mount Shallow Recess Mount Deep Recess Mount
    Standard Brightness - 2700K 215LM/ft 226LM/ft 176LM/ft
    Standard Brightness - 3000K 233LM/ft 237LM/ft 180LM/ft
    Standard Brightness - 4000K 257LM/ft 247LM/ft 196LM/ft
    High Brightness - 2700K 348LM/ft 343LM/ft 274LM/ft
    High Brightness - 3000K 369LM/ft 360LM/ft 281LM/ft
    High Brightness - 4000K 391LM/ft 394LM/ft 305LM/ft

    GL-UCL-ECO-PRO-4000K-ES2309 IES File