SLIM RECESS - YD 1201 Black Aluminum Channel + Milky Diffuser - 24"/94"

SKU: YD-1201-AL-2-M-B

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YD-1201 is a slim recessed extrusion made of anodized extruded aluminum with a diffuser and has a dimension of 0.90” in width and 0.59” in height. Internal width of the aluminum channel is 0.47", compatible to host a 10mm LED strip lightThe increased depth of the profile further aids in achieving a uniformly dispersed light, free from any noticeable hotspots.

Each piece is 24" or 94” long and have different finish options, including a black color channel with a milky diffuser, and a black color channel with a black diffuser. YD-1201 black aluminum channel with a milky can produce an uniform distribution of LED light.

The recessed design allows for a sleek and seamless integration of LED strip lights into surfaces, providing a clean and polished appearance. The channels hide the light source and wiring, resulting in a neater and more professional-looking installation.

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Note: LED strip light is NOT included

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  • Model No: YD-1201-AL-8-M-B
  • Dimension: L 94", W 29/32", H 19/32"
  • Internal width: 15/32"
  • Work Environment / IP Rating: IP20
  • Finish options: Anodized extruded aluminum  
       Aluminum Channel: Black, Diffuser: Milky (YD-1201-AL-8-M-B)
  • Installation options: Recessed Mounted
  • Special features: Slim Recess, Black Aluminum, Black Diffuser

Aluminum Channel Specification - SLIM RECESS YD 1201

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