LED Wall Washer Strip Light Accessories - Aluminum Channel ES 2321

SKU: ES-2321-AL-8

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LED Wall Washer Strip Light Accessories - Aluminum Channel ES 2321

ES-2321 aluminum channel is made of anodized extruded aluminum without a diffuser and has a dimension of 30/32” in width and 19/32” in height for one side and 29/32” for the other side (unsymmetrical on both sides). Each piece is 48” long and has a silver color finish. Two grooves at bottom of each channel help seamless connections of the channels using straight extended connectors (sold separately).

The channel can be surface mounted directly, or surface mounted using adjustable brackets (sold separately) so that lighting angles can be easily adjusted. Other compatible accessories (metal clips and mounting clips) are also available to help a smooth installation. Although the channel itself is not waterproofed (IP20), GL LED wall washer light that is waterproofed (IP65) can be placed inside of the channel for an outdoor application.

  • Model No: ES-2321-AL-8
  • Dimension: L 94", W 15/16", H 29/32"
  • Internal width:  13/16"
  • Work Environment / IP Rating: IP20
  • Finish: Anodized extruded aluminum, Aluminum Channel: Silver
  • Installation options: Surface Mounted
  • Special features: Good for LED Wall Washer Strip Light

Aluminum Channel Specification - ES 2321

Accessories are available and sold separately

Mounting Clips

Adjustable Brackets

Straight Extend Connector