LED Track Light - Dim to Warm 10W

SKU: GL-TR-DTW-10-H-B-3000K-40

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The Dim-to-Warm LED track lighting head has a modern and sleek design to work for task or accent lighting, with an H-type adapter to fit into a H-type single circuit track.

This track light head is made of die-cast aluminum with a removable front cap for lenses or accessories. Both powder-coated white and black color finishes are available to present a neat and stylish appearance. Interchangeable lenses of 24˚ and 60˚ can be installed on the track light head to produce corresponding beam angles. The LED track light head is also pivotable, providing flexibility so it can be pointed in any direction.  Passive cooling of the fixture is easily achieved by an innovative thermal design.

Equipped with dim-to-warm technology, the track light head adjusts color temperatures from 2850K to 2000K when dimming, exhibiting a smooth transition of lighting ambience. The Dim-to-Warm LED track light head has a power consumption of 10W and produces a brightness of up to 610Lm. It also exhibits a high CRI (>=95) to render the colors of surrounding objects more accurately.

The Dim-to-Warm LED track lighting head is operated at 120VAC, and can be easily mounted to H-type tracks using the adapter and H-type track components. Please refer to the track system page for more information.

With its modern design and features, the LED track lighting head is capable for both warm intimate lighting and cooler daytime lighting, and is a perfect option for both commercial and residential applications.

LED Track Light - Dim to Warm:

Dim to Warm 10W

Color Rendering
Triac Dimming
Triac Dimming
H-Type(HALO), 3 wire, 1circuit
H-Type(HALO), 3 wire, 1circuit
CCT & Lumen/ft
Interchangeable Lens
Barn Door 1
Oval Snoot 1
Honeycomb 1
Snoot 1

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  • Model No: Dim to Warm 14W, SKU: GL-TR-DTW-10-H-X-3000K-40-XX
  • Operation Voltage: 120VAC
  • Wattage: 10W
  • Brightness/Lumens: 10-610lm
  • Dimension: L 6.73", W 4.25", H 3.35"
  • Unit Box: L 7.2", W 5.5", H 4.3"
  • Dimming Method: Triac Dimming
  • Adapter: H-Type(HALO), 3 Wire, 1 Circuit
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): Ra>=95
  • Color Temperature Options (CCT): 2000K - 2850K
  • Beam Angle: 24°, 40°, 60°
  • Finish Options: Black/White
  • Installation Options: Surface Mounted
  • Net Weight: 1.54lbs
  • Certification: ETL
  • Warranty: 5 Years

LED Track Light - Dim to Warm 10W Specification