LED Strip Light Free Samples

SKU: GL-LV-2835WWC-96H-120-2700K-SP

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Not sure which color temperature you would like to have in your room? Want to make sure whether the brightness of a selected light would be appropriate? You can take free light samples to try them out before you make a purchase. Our Free LED Strip Light Samples are convenient for you to check, test, or mock up your project.

Each free sample is 1ft long. Each customer is limited to 5 pieces of strip light. Each strip light is limited to 1 piece only.


LED Strip Light 1ft

LED Neon light 1ft:
3000K, 6500K, Blue, Red, RGB

120VAC LED Strip Light 1ft:
PRO-S 2700K, PRO-S 3000K, PRO-S 4000K, Blue, Red

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