LED Strip Light Aluminum Channel Sample Box


Our SAMPLE BOXES is a convenient way for you to test out our different Color Temperatures and Brightness with our varying Aluminum Channels.

Aluminum Channel Sample Box Includes:

Aluminum Channel Samples:
YD1806, YD1205/ES1709, ES1616/YD1002, YD2002, ES1715, ES2309, ES3011, ES1315, YD2004, GL034, YD1401, A2033, GL079, YD7615, GL081, A2319, YD1604, ES2525, ES3535, ES5035, ES7535, YD1418, JH1686, JH1713, JH1716, JH1722

Strip Light Sample Box Includes:

1pc ECO Series strip light 2700K-3000K-4000K, 1pc PRO Series strip light 2700K-3000K-4000K
1pc ES1709 Aluminum Channel
1pc Transformer 24VDC

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