LED Strip Light Aluminum Channel and Strip Light Sample Box


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GL LED provides a nice sample box including samples of all aluminum channels we carry for hosting various types of LED strip lights and being used in different applications. The sample box brings convenience for you to overview different channels at once and try them out to compare and select the best one to fit your project.

Each sample channel is approx. 2-inch long, well labeled, and securely embedded in a thick cushioned holder inside of the box. A layout corresponding to the samples placement in the holder is clearly shown on the back side of the box lid, illustrating model, shape, and size (1:1) of each channel.

Dimension: 12"x9"x3.5"
Weight: 2.5lb

Aluminum Channel Sample Box Includes:

Aluminum Channel Samples:
YD1806, YD1205/ES1709, ES1616/YD1002, YD2002, ES1715, ES2309, ES3011, ES1315, YD2004, GL034, YD1401, A2033, GL079, YD7615, GL081, A2319, YD1604, ES2525, ES3535, ES5035, ES7535, YD1418, JH1686, JH1713, JH1716, JH1722

Strip Light Sample Box Includes:

1pc ECO Series strip light 2700K-3000K-4000K, 1pc PRO Series strip light 2700K-3000K-4000K
1pc ES1709 Aluminum Channel
1pc Transformer 24VDC

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