LED Dimmable Driver - 5 in 1 dimming - G-300W-24V-DWJ

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The commercial-grade 5 in 1 dimmable LED driver provides a smooth, stable, efficient, and flicker-free dimming capability for LED light fixtures. It is rated for both wet and dry locations. It has a superior dimming performance and is compatible with many dimming methods:
• Phase dimming: Triac, ELV (reverse phase dimming), MLV (forward phase dimming)
• 0-10V dimming
• 1-10V dimming
• Potentiometer
• 10V PWM

• Universal AC input: 100-277VAC
• Flicker-free, f≥20K Hz
• Dimming Range: 0-100%
• Compact housing IP66 waterproof design
• UL, cUL listed, Class 2 unit, Type HL rated, FCC
• 5 Year Warranty

LED Low Voltage Light System

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How to select a dimmable transformer for LED lights?

The following factors needs to considered when selecting a dimmable transformer for LED lights: (1) Check compatibility with your specific LED lights; (2) Determine the dimming method (PWM or analog) and choose a transformer accordingly; (3) Consider the desired dimming range and ensure the transformer supports it; (4) Verify the transformer's load capacity meets or exceeds the total wattage of your LED lights; (5) Choose a reputable manufacturer for quality and reliability; (6) Ensure compatibility with your chosen dimmer switch or controller; (7) Look for relevant certifications and standards.

Instruction Video: GL LED 5-in-1 G-series Transformer

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  • Model No: G-300W-24V-DWJ
  • Input Voltage: 100-277VAC
  • Output Voltage: 24VDC, Constant Voltage
  • Wattage: 300W
  • Rated Current: 12.5A
  • Power Factor: Up to 0.98
  • Dimension: L 8.7", W 3.7", H 1.6"
  • Dimming Method: Phase dimming: Triac, ELV (reverse phase dimming), MLV (forward phase dimming), 1-10V dimming, Potentiometer, 10V PWM, 0-10V dimming
  • Work Environment: Dry, damp and wet location
  • Installation Options: Surface Mounted
  • Working Temperature: -40~+140℉"
  • Certification: UL listed, Type HL
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Protection Method: Short circuit/Over loading/Over current/ Over temperature

LED Dimmable Driver 5 in 1 dimming G-300W-24V-DWJ Specification

Separate accessories are available

Power Cable

T Grid Mount Bracket