LED Ladder Light - 10 points (36.5" Width)

SKU: JYD2-C-9310-V2

GL LED offers LED ladder lights with energy efficiency, affordability, and outstanding performances. Rows of strips with LED chips are stacked together to form a ladder-like light, and this product is a perfect backlighting solution for a wide range of applications, including sign boards, fabric displays, letter channels, and other general backlighting usages.

The 36.5” wide LED ladder light is made of 12 rows, each with 10 LED chips, consuming a power of 9.6W/row and 115.2W/ladder light and having a light efficiency of 99Lm/W. The LED ladder light exhibits a high color rendering index (CRI=80), and a color temperature of 6500K.

The lightweight LED ladder light is easy to install and it is recommended to place the ladder light at least 2 inches away from a lighted surface to avoid hotspots appearance. The LED ladder light also has a special secondary light dissipation lens to produce uniform brightness.