LED Corn Bulb 36W-6000K-E26

SKU: CB-NG-RCL-36W-60K-E26

The LED Corn bulbs are light for replacing traditional 360-degree lights such as metal halide, CFL, HID, HPS for a parking lot, gas station, warehouse indoor and outdoor energy saving purpose. Design install into the existing fixture with a cost-effective solution.

STRUCTURE - Die-casting aluminum no fan passive cooling solution, PC cover protect LEDs from dust, insect and humidity working environment. Driver fully sealed by thermal paste with function to disperse heat into outside Adopt 150LM/W LED chips improve light efficiency. Driver part apart from lamp body speed cooling hot air out.

ELECTRICAL - Standard 6kV surge protection, regular input voltage 100~ 277V, no ballast need.

INSTALLATION - Easily fitted in traditional fixtures instead of MHL and HPS.

LISTINGS - UL, cUL, DLC certification approved. Suitable for sealed, dry, humidity working environment from -40°C up to 45°C.