ANGLE RECESS - JH 1716 Silver Aluminum Channel + Milky Diffuser - 24"/94"

SKU: JH-1716-AL-2-M-S

JH-1716 is a recessed angle extrusion made of anodized extruded aluminum with a milky diffuser and has a dimension of 0.73” in width and 0.39” in height. Internal width of the aluminum channel is 0.2", compatible to host a 5mm wide LED strip light. Each piece is 94” long and has a silver color finish. 


The JH-1716 aluminum extrusion is ideal for recessed shelf lighting with a 45 degree light distribution. A LED light fixture with the aluminum extrusion produces bright but not dazzling light to work best as a under cabinet task light.

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Note: LED strip light is NOT included

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