SHOWCASE - LX 1420 Aluminum Channel - 24"/94"/118"

SKU: LX-1420-AL-2

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LX-1420 - Premium Corner LED Aluminum Extrusion for Enhanced Showcase Display Lighting

GL LED LX-1420 aluminum channel is expertly crafted from anodized extruded aluminum. This advanced extrusion is specifically engineered to house LED strip and tape lights, creating an elegant and efficient LED lighting fixture. Uniquely designed for corner installation in showcase containers, LX-1420 emits a precise 45-degree angle light, perfect for accentuating objects with its focused illumination.

The innovative design also includes a dedicated space to conceal wiring, ensuring a clean and professional appearance upon installation. The LX-1420 is available in multiple lengths - 24", 94", and 118" - catering to diverse installation needs while providing uniform and concentrated LED lighting.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, this aluminum extrusion serves as an effective heat sink, significantly reducing heat build-up from the LED lights. Its ease of mounting on flat surfaces makes it an ideal choice for enhancing showcase displays with its targeted lighting beams.

Elevate your display lighting with the LX-1420 LED aluminum extrusion – the ultimate solution for focused, evenly distributed lighting in any showcase setting.

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Note: LED strip light is NOT included

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  • Model No: LX-1420-AL-2
  • Dimension: L 24"/94"/118", W 11/16", H 21/32"
  • Internal width: 11/16"
  • Work Environment / IP Rating: IP20
  • Finish options: Silver, Anodized extruded aluminum
  • Installation options: Surface Mounted
  • Special features: Specifically designed for glass showcases

Aluminum Channel Specification - SHOWCASE LX 1420