ROUND SURFACE - A 2033 Aluminum Channel + Milky Diffuser - 94“

SKU: A-2033-AL-8-M

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A-2033 is a rounded surface LED aluminum extrusion made of anodized extruded aluminum with a milky diffuser, and is designed to accommodate LED strip and tape lights to complete a stylish LED strip light fixture. Each piece is 94” long and has a silver color finish. The rounded milky diffuser helps to create an even distributed light throughout the aluminum channel.

The aluminum extrusion protects LED strip lights from damages and dusts by providing a rigid and enclosed housing space. It also works as a heat sink to dissipate heat from LED lights. A-2033 LED aluminum extrusion can be easily mounted to flat surfaces, making them ideal for cove lights, accent light, and under cabinet lights.

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Note: LED strip light is NOT included

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  • Model No: A-2033-AL-8-M
  • Dimension: L 94", W 0.77", H 1.28"
  • Internal width: 0.64"
  • Work Environment / IP Rating: IP20
  • Finish options: Silver, Anodized extruded aluminum, Frosted plastic Cover
  • Installation options: Surface Mounted
  • Special features: Round Surface

Aluminum Channel Specification - ROUND SURFACE A 2033

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