3M VHB Double Side Tape

SKU: AS-OT-001

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There are two models of 3M VHB tape available: 5604A and 5952.

3M 5604A VHB Tape: 3/8" x 18yd.; gray color; 0.4 mm thick; Low-temperature bonding performance; suitable for the adhesion of general industrial metals and materials with high surface energy; commonly used for LED strip lights.


3M 5952 VHB Tape5/8" x 5.5yd. and 1" x 5.5yd.; black color; 1 mm thick; Applicable for a wide range of materials including metals, glass, rigid PVC, acrylic, PC/ABS, and numerous plastic products exhibiting medium to low surface energy. It is also suitable for most powder coated paints, wood, and concrete, as well as other surfaces that are coated or sealed and porous. Additionally, it proves effective for precise die-cutting applications.