Color Changing RGB Light Hardwired Control - Low Voltage Light System Configuration


RGB Hardwired Control System

A RGB LED light hardwired control system is typically composed of the following items:

1. Transformers

2. Hardwired RGB controllers

3. LED RGB strip lights

4. Aluminum channels hosting LED RGB strip lights

Provide the specific voltage to the LED requirement with dimming function

Control the circuit on/off, dimming and color changing

Color Changing RGB LED light

Protective housing and artistic design


Configuration Steps:

1. Create a lighting layout diagram, and measure legnths of LED RGB strip light fixtures needed.

2. Calculate the total length of the LED RGB strip light fixtures.

3. Select an LED RGB strip light that will meet project specifications.

4. Select a type of aluminum channel to host the LED RGB strip light chosed.

5. Calculate the total power consumption of the LED RGB strip light fixtures and select appropriate transformers to power the lights.

6. Select a type of hardwired RGB controller to control the lights.


Connection Diagram:


The output voltage of the transformer and the input voltage of the LED RGB strip lights must be the same.

The output wattage of the transformer needs to be greater than the total power consumption of the LED RGB strip lights.


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