LED Linear Light - Up and Down Illuminate L11070 - 8ft

SKU: L-11070-75-8-W-3000K

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LED linear light is exclusively designed for designers and architects with imagination and personal styles.

GL LED L11070 8ft linear light fixture is a one-piece and plug-and-play product that exhibits a sleek and modern design. It features a durable aluminum case and a polycarbonate diffuser, with high quality LED emitters inside to produce even and anti-glare lights. It has a high color rendering index CRI>=80, different color temperature options (3000K, 4000K & 5000K), and an output power of 75W to produce 6975 lumens at 5000K. With a up & down lighting option, 30% of the wattage/lumens are allocated up and 70% of the wattage/lumens are allocated down, which can be easily dimmed with a 0-10V dimmer switch (not included).

The 4ft single run linear light can be suspended from ceilings as a pendant light, or wall mounted to product a wall washer effect. Corresponding compatible kits are available (sold separately) to simplify the installations.

Direct lighting downwards provides adequate lighting to the surroundings, while indirect lighting upwards provides an ambient mood and a cozy feel. GL LED L11070 linear lights are ideal for an indoor setting of residential, commercial, or industrial applications (such as hotels, hospitals, factories, offices, conference rooms, schools, retail stores, or malls etc.).

• Suitable for home, office and any appropriate indoor space
• Quick and easy to install
• Connect to line voltage (100-277VAC) directly
• 0-10V Dimming
• UL listed
• 5 years warranty

Up and Down Illuminate Linear Light L11070:


Color Rendering
Lamp Body Color
Black/ White/ Gray
Black/ White/ Gray
Light Color Temperature
3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K
3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K
4250LM/ 4400LM/ 4645LM
6300LM/ 6594LM/ 6975LM
Installation Type
Side Mount
Side Mount

Note: Body color Grey and Color temperature 5000K will need to be special ordered only.

Emergency Option:

Emergency Driver

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What is the difference between LED linear lights and LED strip lights?

LED linear lights and LED strip lights are both types of linear LED lighting solutions that offer various benefits in terms of energy efficiency, durability, and versatility. However, there are some differences between the two that are worth noting.

LED linear lights are typically larger and more robust than LED strip lights. They often have a more substantial housing, which allows for better heat dissipation and protection against physical damage. LED linear lights also tend to be brighter and have a higher output than LED strip lights, making them suitable for use in commercial and industrial settings.

On the other hand, LED strip lights are generally more flexible and adaptable than LED linear lights. They come in a roll or a reel, allowing for easier installation and customization. LED strip lights can be cut to length, making them ideal for use in tight spaces or irregularly shaped areas. They are also available in a wider range of colors, color temperatures, and brightness levels, making them ideal for a variety of applications, including residential and commercial lighting.

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  • Model No.: Up and Down Illuminate L11070 - 8ft, SKU: L-11070-75-8-X-xxxxK
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-277V
  • Power: 75W
  • Brightness/Lumens: 3000K, 6300lm; 4000K, 6594lm; 5000K, 6975lm
  • LED Type: 2835
  • Dimension: L 94.76", W 2.76", H 4.33"
  • Body Color: Black, White, Grey
  • Dimmable: 0-10V
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): >80
  • Color Temperature (CCT): Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4000K), Cold White (5000K)
  • IP Rate: IP40 (Non-waterproof)
  • Net Weight: 15.08lbs
  • Limited 2 years warranty

Linear Light Up and Down Illuminate - L-11070 Specification
Linear Light Up and Down Illuminate - L-11070 Installation Instruction

Separate accessories are available

Side Mount Kit

Suspension Canopy Kit