ZIP RGBW RF Receiver


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This product is a 12-36VDC constant voltage RF controller with 4 channel output and 8 Amps per channel, which is compatible with a variety of RF remotes. Built-in changing LED patterns are available and can be saved to each zone. The brightness of each R, G, B, W channel can be adjustable separately to achieve multitudes of changing colors. 

LED Low Voltage Light System

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  • Model No: ZIP-WIFI-RF-CV-8A4CH
  • Operation Voltage: 12VDC to 36VDC
  • Dimension: L 6.7", W 2.3", D 1.1"
  • Control method: RF Control
  • Work Environment/IP Rating: Dry location, IP20
  • Finish options: Blue
  • Certification: TUV, CE, FC, ROHS, UL, RU
  • Warranty: 5 Years


ZIP RGBW RF Receiver Specification

ZIP RF Receiver is compatible with all GL ZIP series dimmers and controllers.

Amplifiers are needed when the light circuit power exceeds the capacity of the receiver
ZIP RGBW Amplifier
BLK Single Color Amplifier
BLK RGB Amplifier