LED Linear Light - L8070 Accessories - Suspension Kit


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Various suspension kits are available for L8070 series LED linear lights, with selections of power cable feed kit, installation parts, and color of canopy. Please follow an installation instruction HERE.

A power cable can go through a canopy with a suspension kit (Type A3), or go to ceiling outlet/junction box without a canopy.

Three types of installation methods include 

1. Using Toggle Bolt - with canopy (Type C3); without canopy (Type F3)

2. Using Ceiling Screw - with canopy (Type D3); without canopy (Type G3)

3. Using T-Grid Clip - with canopy (Type E3); without canopy (Type H3)   

Each suspension cable is 6.5ft long.

It is recommended to use two suspension kits for each L8070 straight 4ft or 8ft LED linear light, and three suspension kits for each L-shaped, 120° L-shaped, T-shaped or cross-shaped LED linear light.  

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