SLIM FLAT - YD 1205 Black Aluminum Channel + Black Diffuser - 24"/94"

SKU: YD-1205-AL-2-B-B

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YD-1205 is a sleek and flat LED aluminum extrusion expertly crafted from anodized extruded aluminum, featuring a diffuser. Designed to effortlessly accommodate LED strip and tape lights, this extrusion completes stylish LED strip light fixtures with ease. Each piece measures 94" in length and offers a range of finish options for both the channel and the diffuser. Choose from a silver color channel with a clear diffuser, a black color channel with a milky diffuser, or a black color channel with a black diffuser.

The YD-1205 in black aluminum channel with a black diffuser creates a visually striking appearance when the LED light source is turned off, and effectively illuminates when the LED light is activated, ensuring captivating lighting effects. Its flat rectangular shape allows for seamless integration into slim designs and thin furniture pieces. Furthermore, the aluminum extrusion provides reliable protection for LED strip lights, safeguarding them from damage and dust by providing a rigid and enclosed housing space. It also acts as an efficient heat sink, effectively dissipating heat emitted by the LED lights.

The aluminum extrusion is one of the most commonly used extrusions for housing various types of LED strip or tape lights and versatile for different applications. They can be surface mounted using either mounting clips (sold separately) or 3M backing tapes (sold separately), making them ideal for cover lights and under cabinet lights. 

Unleash the potential of the YD-1205 extrusion and elevate your lighting projects to new heights.

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Note: LED strip light is NOT included

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  • Model No: YD-1205-AL-8-B-B
  • Dimension: L 94", W 11/16", H 3/8"
  • Internal width:  15/32"
  • Work Environment / IP Rating: IP20
  • Finish options: Anodized extruded aluminum  
      Aluminum Channel: Black, Diffuser: Black (YD-1205-AL-8-B-B)
  • Installation options: Surface Mounted
  • Special features: Slim Flat, Black Aluminum, Black Diffuser

Aluminum Channel Specification - SLIM FLAT YD 1205

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