LED Mini Dimmable Driver - MINI-TA-60-12V


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The MINI-TA-60-12V driver is a compact size dimmable LED driver that has no minimum load requirement. It is a great solution for powering halogen, LED strips and LED bulbs, which are used widely in low voltage lighting systems and fixtures.

The LED driver is ELV dimmable with an input of 120V AC and an output of either 12V or 24V DC (two models).

LED Low Voltage Light System

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  • Model No: MINI-TA-60W-12V
  • Input Voltage: 120VAC
  • Output Voltage: 12VDC, Constant Voltage
  • Wattage: 60W
  • Rated Current: 5A
  • Power Factor: Up to 0.99
  • Class: Class 2
  • Dimension: L 2.7", W 1.29", H 0.84"
  • Dimming Method: Compatible with Reverse phase, ELV Dimmers
  • Work Environment: Dry, damp location
  • Installation Options: Surface Mounted
  • Working Temperature: -40~+140℉
  • Certification: RU, Class 2
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Protection Method: Short circuit/Over loading/Over temperature

LED Transformer MINI-TA-60-12V Specification

Separate accessories are available

Power Cable

T Grid Mount Bracket