SCONCE-S - GL 050 Aluminum Channel - 78“ (AL ONLY)

SKU: GL-050-AL-6-M

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GL-050 is an LED aluminum extrusion made of anodized extruded aluminum with two milky diffusers, and is designed to accommodate LED strip and tape lights to complete a stylish LED strip light fixture as a wall sconce light. Each piece is 78” long and has a silver color finish. The milky diffuser helps to create an even distributed light throughout the aluminum channel.

The aluminum extrusion protects LED strip lights from damages and dusts by providing a rigid and enclosed housing space. It also works as a heat sink to dissipate heat from LED lights. GL-050 LED aluminum extrusion can be easily mounted to walls, and the up and down lighting design makes it ideal for wall sconce lighting.

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Note: LED strip light is NOT included

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  • Model No: GL-050-AL-6-M
  • Dimension: L 78", W 11/16", H 1 29/32"
  • Internal width: 1/2"
  • Work Environment / IP Rating: IP20
  • Finish options: Silver, Anodized extruded aluminum
  • Installation options: Wall Mounted
  • Special features: Sconce

Aluminum Channel Specification - SCONCE-S GL 050

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