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Finished LED Light Fixture Customization    Assembling in USA

- Undercabinet Lights

  We do customized undercabinet lights, including surface mount and recessed lights. Please provide cabinet drawings or light fixtures length requirements.

  The default lead is white hard wire at length 3ft. If you want to have different wire length or other connectors, please add notes in the following request form.


- Various Types Lights

  We also do customized different types of light fixtures, including surface mount, recessed and suspended. Please provide drawings, strip light models and aluminum channel models for the project requirements.



    Lead Location: End(s), Back.

    Lead Type: Hard wire, DC connector, Dupont connector.

    Wire Color: Single color light: Black & Red, White, Clear; RGB light: 4 colors, Clear.

    DC Connector Color: Black, White.