8FT LED Tube (per-box)

SKU: PT-T8-8F-40W-5K-C-25

LED T8 tube series lights are suitable for North American electronic ballasts and magnetic ballasts. It is widely used in hotel, office, mall, restaurant, hall, warehouse, and home interior decoration lighting.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS – Save up to $300 over the life of a T8 LED tube light on electricity bill! Replace 40W fluorescent tubes with 22W LED tube lights to produce same level of brightness. High efficiency - 100 Lumens per watt.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – T8 8FT linear led tube light bulb is a single end powered led tubes. Remove starter/bypass ballast.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Preferred by most contractors, electricians and wholesalers. Installed in office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, workshop, and parking lots, etc. Suitable for indoor gardening plant lighting.
  • REBATE ELIGIBLE - All our 8ft LED tube lights are DLC-qualified and thus eligible for state and nationwide rebate programs.

    The LED tube light was tested by Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. All calibration followed the National Primary Standards and the International System of Units (SI).